Wednesday, 15 May 2013


One if my favourite perfumes is 'Daisy by Marc Jacobs', which I was lucky enough to get last year. It's a really lovely, refreshing scent. It just reminds me of spring sunshine and I just love it. Judging by the name, I originally thought it would be a more of a floral smell, however, I'm not quite sure if daisies have a distinctive scent. Anyway, it smells great! 

The bottle looks really cute too. I find it really important that perfumes look good and it's the reason I buy perfumes. If I just wanted to smell nice I would buy a cheap body spray. But I want something that looks pretty; something that I can put in my room and not feel I have to hid it away because it looks like I've made a mess or that I'm untidy. Yep, I'm a freak... Ha!

I ran out of Daisy far too quickly, with the help of my Mum and sister. I would love to buy it again but I'm scared that I'd run out of it so quickly again (I'm terrible when it comes to sprays!) I've currently run out of the Fearne Cotton body spray that I was given for Christmas so I really need to find a new perfume before my sister goes mad because I've been using hers, oops! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Right now, I'm trying to revise for the four exams I have next week. FOUR! So there may not a new post until the end of next week. But, I'll still be reading all your comments, they mean a lot to me and I am very grateful so please keep them coming. 

Good luck in any exams you have! 

Tasmin x


  1. SNAP! i love daisy so much, I really need to buy some more :) xx

    1. Woo! Great minds think alike. ;) x