Thursday, 30 May 2013

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Cream

Honesty moment: I have been avoiding this brand for awhile now and I'm not entirely sure why. I've been stung a bee before and have a fear of them but I think the main reason I've been avoiding Burt's Bees is because I was convinced it was just going to have an over powering honey smell which I didn't think I would like. Now, after reading the label, it doesn't even contain honey. I know, I'm an idiot!

I occasionally suffer from dry skin which, at the moment, seems to be getting worse. My moisturiser wasn't helping so I was desperate to try something new out. I know lots of people swear by Burt's Bees product and decided that its time to test them for myself. I opted for Burt's Bees radiance day cream with royal jelly (not entirely sure what that is but anything royal must be good, right?) 

The consistency of the cream isn't very thick but a little really does go a long way. And I know this is not technically for dry skin (I may or may not of just realised what day creams actually are, oops), but I saw a noticeable improvement on my skin after the first or second use. The scent, unlike I feared, is not overwhelming. In fact, it's quite subtle, pleasant and only has a faint smell of honey. The day cream also comes in a cute little pot which design is simplistic. I don't know why, but the packing design of products is really important to me. I will refuse to buy a product if the packaging is not pleasing to the eye.

I really liked this product and it really helped my skin. However, I would search for a moisturiser from this brand rather then repurchase the day cream as its not really aimed to help my skin.

Unfortunately, I'm currently suffering from and allergic reaction on my face which there are few products that could of caused it. And although I'm not hundred percent sure what it was, I'm more than certain it wasn't the Burt's Bees cream. The front packing states that the product is 99% natural which, to most people, would be a sign of goodness for the skin. I'm not most people. The more natural a product is, the more my skin tends to not to like it. But the cream worked really well for my skin at the beginning and I've used it for nearly a week now, so I'm not convinced that it caused my reaction as that occurred the other day. However, I still don't know and shouldn't continue using the cream until my face has cleared. Saying that, I still do as the reaction has caused my skin to dry out and I don't want to leave it in case it continues to worsen. 

Im not entirely sure that this post will help many of you, but if you have any recommendations for me a would be very grateful.

Tasmin x


  1. Haha love Burt's Bee :)
    Penny Rose

    1. Haha, me too! Hopefully I'm not allergic! Thank you x