Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gift Guide for the Last Minute Christmas Shopper

Now, Christmas is just over a week away and I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping and probably won't for at least another week. But, my sister was asking what to get for her secret Santa which got me thinking, what am I going to get my friends and family for Christmas? I can not be the only one who leaves Christmas shopping naughtily to the last minute. And, as last minute shopping is famously known for being completely out of stock of everything you want and it's too late to shop online, I created a guide of what to buy for a great Christmas present at the last minute.

When I think of gifts for Mum, the first thing that pops into my mind is lyxury bath products. Every year, I like to treat my mum to bath and body lotions and potions from Santuary as I want to give her a relaxing treat and I know she loves the brand. Another good gift would be scented candles. Especially this time of year everyone loves a candle. I may have a fear of fire but my Mum can light them for a relaxing bath.

A fancy tea-cup and mint tea would make a great alternative for Mum
I usually get my dad wine gums. I think every year without fail, I have got him wine gums. Christmas is a time for traditions and this is one I am not breaking. However, if your Dad's not a fan of the classic wine gum, get him a selection of his favourite sweets. Another typical Dad present is a good old mug. I find there are lodes of fancy mugs out this time of year. You could pair it with a blend of fancy tea or his favourite brand of coffee.

 I don't have a brother so have no experience in gift buying there but my advice here is games. Boys any age love a good computer game and, with the launch of two new ones at the moment, the last minute shopper has plenty of choice when it comes to shopping for slightly older device games. Probably best to check for what games he already has first before you buy so you know you're definitely getting him one he doesn't already have. This would also work well for guy friends or boyfriends.

Now, I do have a sister so this one is a little easier. My sister, like many girls, loves a bit of jewellery. Cute and unusually suits her look and the shops are always well stocked with real gems at this time of year. Miss Selfridge and New Look have some beauties at purse friendly prices that I have my eye on at the moment. Hair accessories and make-up would also fit in nicely as a little collection of presents.

Winter accessories also make great presents.
I have an amazing gift idea for a friend (if I do say so myself) which would also work as a gift for your sister or Mum. Finding a cute little make-up bag, or a goodie bag if your friend already has a fab one or you strike out of luck in town, you could fill it up with some fab make-up, accessories and/or sweet treats for your friend. When last minute shopping, most gift sets are sold out, but this idea means you can personalise the gift to your friends taste. It's obvious that it has taken a lot more of thought and atension so really shows your friend that you care.

I hope that's helped last minute shoppers like me for gift ideas. Happy shopping!

Tasmin x

P.s. friends and family, these are not the gifts I've got you, you will have to wait until Christmas to find out what I got you.


  1. This is a great post :) I will definitely keep these in mind because I have to get gifts for all those groups!


  2. The Homer mug is awesome ! ♡

  3. Really good post. I struggled getting present this year as don't have much money. But these are really good. I really like all the gifts from this post =D

    1. Thank you! I don't think money should be an issue when it comes to gifts. As long as the thought is there then the gift is special. Xx