Friday, 28 November 2014

A Quick Catch Up With Me...

The stunning Chandelier in the Jersey Opera House.
The past two months have been fairly eventful for me, and this time it's not all boring school work! So I thought its about time we had a mini catch up on the more exciting things that have happened recently.

I turned 18 a month ago now which feels really weird. I'm the oldest out of my friendship group, which meant that none of them could hit the town with me like with most eighteenths. However, I didn't really mind as I'm not really into big nights out on the town so I celebrated with a quiet night in with a few friends. Hardcore. Pizza, sweets and cheesy teen movies with great fiends is a far better party in my opinion. My friends were really cute with theirs gifts too; 18 for my 18th. I'm never going to be able to beat that for their birthdays! It was a really good evening and I think there will be more to come now that the weather has really turned wintery. 
Jersey Opera House stage from our competitors seats.
The view of the Jersey Opera House from our hotel room.
Last week, I hopped on the plane over to Jersey (a neighbouring island) to compete in the Jersey Eisteddfod with my dance school. I had never entered the eisteddfod before or performed at the events home, the Jersey Opera House, so I was rather excited as well as pretty nervous. It is a competition after all. Our first performance was the ballet group which didn't go as well as hoped. As we hadn't rehearsed on the stage before, we didn't know where any of the wings were and our spacing was off. The adjudicator picked up on this and we weren't placed. However, he did say he liked our dance and with a bit more rehearsal, it has potential to do well. So the next night we all upped our game for the modern group, which is a World War Two themed piece, and did the best performance we had ever done and it totally paid off. We came second with only one mark off first place. I am so happy with the result, I didn't stop smiling the whole night, and can't to perform these dances again and our tap group for dance festival in January. 

This is the Liberation Sculpture just outside Liberty Wharf in St Helier.
One thing I noticed about Jersey is that they have a lot more sculptures, or public art, on display in town compared to Guernsey. We will have temporary displays for events but things like this woman hanging by her toes off of an office building appears to be a little more permanent.

And I think you are just about caught up. All I have now is coursework and dance rehearsals till the end of the year. Thrilling, I know. A couple  of friends birthdays and Christmas is also really soon which is far more exciting! I've also got to finish my UCAS application by the end of the week. I haven't even finished my personal statement yet so it's not going very well. Oh well, better getting typing!

Tasmin x

*This was written on Wednesday so quick update on the whole UCAS situation, I've finally finished my personal statement but it's too big so I'm going to have to cut some things out. Argh! But also yay!*


  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 21 last week and that means I am legal in the US (although currently I am in London so I have been legal for the past several months). The Opera House looks beautiful and fun! I can't wait for Christmas too!! :)