Sunday, 9 November 2014

#14: Decorate My Bedroom

I only have two months left of this year and I there are still about eight items left on my summer to-do list. I am desperate to complete this list by the end of the year so lets start the final eight with a little room tour. *WARNING: this is a photo heavy post*

I have lived in my house for almost eight years now and my room has always been a sort of work-in-progress. However, enough was enough and it was time to finally complete my room and make it feel a little more like home. 

Lets begin this room tour is essence of the room, the bed. We brought this about four years ago but we only put it up a couple of years ago when we finally found a new mattress for it. I've rearranged this rooms layout so many times since getting this bed but having it in the corner like this makes the whole room feel more spacious. I occasionally can get a little claustrophobic so maximizing space is a necessity for me. 

I originally put this mouse here as a Christmas decoration and it's sort of stuck.
I like to keep my CD collection in these shoe boxes under the bed . 
My lovely friends gave me this sign for my Birthday the other week. It's so true and I love it.

Back in the days when magazines actually had decent free gifts, this was something I received free with a magazine when I was a child. I mean, look how cute those dolphins are. Magazines have really let their standards slip when it comes to free gifts. Anyway, I'll get back on track. When I was little, I liked the necklace so much I wanted to hang it on the wall and the only way I could do that was to hang it on the light switch in the room I shared with my sister. This kind of followed its way into my own room when we moved and has stuck ever since. It's a really simple way to add a little decoration to any room, especially if like me your not allowed to stick things like poster to the wall.

This is my old prefect tie from high school which first ended up here as I had nowhere else to put it.

Moving on to my dressing table. This is a new addition to my room and I am completely in love with it. It's truly stunning. I finally have a place to do my hair and make-up as well as draws to put all my belongings in. Up until now, all my stuff was piled in shoe boxes on the floor by my bed. Now I have a clear floor which, for someone whose not a huge fan of clutter, is one of the best things ever. 

Cd pile of 5SOS and Ed Sheeran
I'm actually not a huge fan of candles as I get terrified I'm going to set the house on fire. However, this was
a birthday present and it smells amazing so one day I'm going to brave it.

This cat lamp was a present for my birthday last year and it is quite simply gorgeous.

Apparently leaving perfume out in direct sunlight is really bad for them so I've been keeping mine
in this hat box at the moment. However, it's a little annoying so I may find a new place for them.

The little ballerina was a gift when I started ballet aged 4.
TFIOS: An absolute must have!
I thought it would be a cool idea to put my make-up brushes in this old vase I found in one of my drawers.
So there we go, a room tour and another one checked off of the list. I do love to have a nosy around other peoples homes so I hope you enjoyed.

Tasmin x


  1. Your room is really nice! I love your dressing table and your bed :) x

    Sinead -

    1. Thank you so much! I remember ages ago you doing a little room tour and it kind of inspired me to do one too but my room just wasn't ready yet. Xx

  2. I think you own my dream room. I see Zoella, the Fault in Our Stars, and awesome furniture everywhere!

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha, aww that is very sweet of you. Thank you! Xx