Sunday, 13 July 2014

#21: Have a Pamper Evening

I'm kicking off my 25 Things to do This Summer with a little pamper party. It was actually my friend who suggested it after reading my last post. I had no idea my friends actually read my blog and all week I was still surprised every time they mention it. But they are all excited and keen to help me finish this list which is brilliant and so sweet! However, knowing they're reading adds even more pressure to complete this challenge. We're all in it together, right guys?

I feel I might of slightly over-packed...

My friend Charlotte and I started off our day with a tasty milkshake and a quick catch up in town. Seriously, these milkshakes were the cutest! We brought a few necessities before we made our separate ways as she had to go to work.

After work, she picked me up and we went to hers for our pamper evening. The first thing on our minds was food as neither of us had eaten yet. We opted for a yummy tomato and chicken pasta which was followed by a very chocolaty and delicious pudding.

Now, this pamper evening wasn't your standard 'kick back and relax' pamper session. That's just not how we role. Instead, ours was dancing around like maniacs whilst wearing face-masks; singing horrendously (well I was singing terribly) whilst having a foot-spa; creating a whole new language and learning the final dance in High School Musical. As well as planning to open a club where we play only the best tracks (including DJ Otis 'Hey Baby' and One Direction 'Midnight Memories'.. what a mix!). I mean, just your average night with us to be honest!

The foot-spa may have overflowed slightly with bubbles...
We were dancing around so much we ran out of time to do our nails so Charlotte, if you're reading, we need to do this again some time soon! And yes, I did massively over-pack and we barely started any of the chocolate, let alone watch a film. But that doesn't matter as we had so much fun. If you have never had a pamper evening with friends before, what are you waiting for? It's such a fun thing to do with friends.

Well, that's one down now. Another 24 to go. 

Tasmin x

P.s. I hope you don't mind that I'm not doing this in order as that would be an absolute nightmare to organise exactly. It's like 'My Name is Earl' minus the criminality, karma and American Accents; I read my list and then pick which ever one I want to do next.


  1. Seems like you had great fun. Don't have much friends therefore won't be able to do it. The post is great.

    1. Aww, I'm sure there is someone who would love to have a pamper evening with you. Thank you! Xx