Friday, 25 July 2014

#13: Have a Picnic

13 may be unlucky for some, but with lovely weather and great friends, item 13 on my list was a fun one to complete. Lets be honest, picnic's are always a winner.

My friend Rosie and I hit Waitrose first to gather all the food before getting a cheeky lift up to the park with our friend Chloe (we spent a lot more time in Waitrose than anticipated and were running rather late. Oops. Oh well, food is pretty important!).

The gang on our second picnic bench. Rosie spilt Coke on the first one. Typical!

It was around quarter to three when we eventually arrived at the park, so it was a fairly late lunch and we were rather hungry. So hungry that we didn't quite wait for our other friend Charlotte to arrive before munching away (sorry Charlotte). As I couldn't find any sandwiches or wraps in the supermarket, I opted for one of my favourite alternatives- scotch pancakes. *Boring story alert*  I go through phases of of liking and then absolutely hate bread so I like to have a few different options from sandwiches at lunch. Usually it's some sort of salad but occasionally I treat myself to pancakes.  We also stuffed our faces with Doritos and Haribo as well as our healthy option for the day grapes (they'd run out of strawberries at the shop. Sad face.) 

Pretending we're all fancy staring into the horizon.

However, the best food by far was these gorgeous chocolate and toffee cupcakes Rosie and I picked up at Waitrose. Equip with their own little spade to eat with, they were the cutest cakes in the store. Delicious too. Gone within minutes.

I had a good catch up with my friends and made the most of the sun with a little photo shoot. Rosie set the timer to take ten photos on every click so I have so many of the exact same picture (cheers!) but there are some really cute ones that I just had to share on here. I hope they don't mind too much...

We didn't quite scoff all the food but we had a laugh and enjoyed some of this beautiful weather. I hope the sun lasts. Come on Britain!

Tasmin x

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  1. This cupcakes look totally amazing! And 13 is my lucky number :)

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

    1. 13 is a strong number and those cupcakes were delicious! Thank you! Xx