Friday, 29 March 2013

The Host

Filled with the perfect combination of romance and violence mixed with hot guys and the magic of alien life, 'The Host' will please both teen girls and boys with its dream of Sci-fi romance. Based on the book written by the creator of 'Twilight', aliens are becoming the new vampires.

Today was the first viewing for 'The Host' at my local cinema so I went to see it with my sister and a group her friends. (Now it sounds like I have no friends of my own!) I was really excited not only because the trailer looked really good but it was the first time I've been to the cinema for nearly two years! I live quite far from my local cinema and I don't have a car so I have to get the bus there. Usually my friends go in the evening when buses aren't running so I can never make it. The cinema has recently been re-vamped so it was great to have a look around.

The Host is set in a world that has been taken over by aliens who implant themselves into the bodies of humans and have taken over most of the population. Only a few remain without the alien parasite taking over their memories and minds. However, there is hope for mankind as Melanie resists her parasite, Wanderer, and directs it to save her loved ones.

I don't often enjoy Sci-fi films and I'm not an addicted fan of 'Twilight', but I really liked this film. The way Melanie doesn't give up to save her brother and the others really spoke to me and the story-line,  although a bit complicated, was really good and interesting. What really got me was the eyes of the infected people; the bright, light blue circle around the pupil of the eye I thought looked really powerful and beautiful.

Now, I'm not good when it comes to rating films, but, out of 5, I would definitely give 'The Host' a 4. This futuristic fantasy is a complicated love story that I really recommend you watch. Love found in the most unlikely place just seems like the teen dream which pretty much sums up the film.

 Click on here to view 'The Host's trailer.

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Now for all you clothes lovers, here's the fashion bit. It was absolutely freezing cold today so I decided that warmth had to beat style. My key was layering. A denim look shirt over a geek t-shirt paired with disco pants and boots created a fairly laid back look, perfect for the cinema. Add a zip-up hoodie and warm winter Parker to keep out the cold.

Boots and Bag- New Look
Rest of outfit-
(most items are now discontinued)

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