Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter Playlist

Hey, it's the Easter holidays! And, as I'm in my final year of GCSE's, I'm stuck doing revision for most of the next two weeks. The only thing that gets me through revision is music so I thought I would share some of songs that are currently stuck in my head. Maybe you might discover something you haven't heard of yet...

22 - Taylor Swift: This song just hasn't left my head ever since I first heard it. It is so catchy and it makes me just want to jump up and dance.

Thrift Shop - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Yes, this is still stuck in my head. I don't know what it is about this song, whether it's the crazy music video or the whacky lyrics, but it just makes me smile and I love it.

Dumb - Tich: I first heard about Tich at a music festival in Guernsey and her performance there was really good. I really like her new single as its fun and great to listen to.

+ - Ed Sheeran: Ok, so it's an album, but I love every single song on it. Ed has an amazing voice and the album is constantly playing on my IPod ever since I brought it. You can really tell how heart felt the lyrics are in each song. It's perfect to relax and is so easy to listen to.

Stay Out - Nina Nesbitt: Think of a female Ed Sheeran with blonde hair and I think your there. Nina's songs are so easy to listen to but this one is my favourite. It's her latest release and it has a lighthearted feel and a catchy beat. If you haven't heard of her yet, I seriously recommend her.

So there you go. Now, music is not my strong point but hopefully you enjoy the small selection of tunes I've picked.

Tasmin x

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