Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April Playlist

I've been struggling to put these together recently as I've found that I tend to listen to the same songs repeatedly at the moment. There are so many songs that I hear and like, but I almost instantly forget their name and artist as I haven't written it down. So that will be something I aim to improve for the future but for now, I'm merging some of my March favourites into April playlist. Here we go! 

Circa Waves: T-Shirt Weather- The is a relatively new discovery for me and I just love the summery vibes of Circa Waves' style. It just transports me to a summer paradise and I just can't believe the weather has finally brighten up. Finally, summer is nearly here.

Ed Sheeran feat Rudimental: Bloodstream- I must admit, when I first heard about this collaboration I was a little nervous. I loved this song from Ed's album and just couldn't see how you could alter perfection. I was wrong. Rudimental know exactly what the are doing and the track is now more intense and dramatic which I just love.

Ellie Goulding: Love Me Like You Do- Not an obvious choice for this playlist, I'll admit, but the lyrics have become imprinted in my brain. I also love the cover Circa Waves did recently for Radio 1 (yes, I am now obsessed). They change the song completely to suit their style and it is brilliant.

The Vaccines: Handsome- The Vaccines are back with their infectiously catchy tunes and I am so happy. Handsome is just a really fun track with the catchy beat only The Vaccines can conjure up. Plus the music video is completely insane.

Florence + The Machine: What Kind of Man- She's back! I know a lot of people are back at the minute but SHE'S BACK! Strong and powerful, Florence +The Machine win the ultimate come-back with this track. 

Royal Blood: Figure It Out- I didn't get the chance to talk about Royal Blood's Brit Award performance the other month, so this is a little bit of a delayed reaction but oh my goodness wasn't it incredible. I still can't believe it's only two people on stage, the sound is so loud and powerful. A well deserved win.

Paloma Faith: Only Love Can Hurt Like This- Another Brit Award winning performance, this time from the lovely Paloma Faith. This song does sort of change the tone of the mix but bare with as this song really is incredible. Paloma has such a distinctive voice and quirky style which is so easy to listen to.

Ed Sheeran: Photograph- Addicted to this song. Yes, a second Ed Sheeran song, problem? I have been constantly playing this song over and over again over the past few months and it's safe to say I am well and truly obsessed. It's just so beautifully written and sung in the way only Ed Sheeran can. No amount of compliments will truly describe this song in my opinion, just stunning.

Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out- Ending this playlist on a high and I'm not entirely sure how many of you are actually going to be familiar with it. This song came on at a party earlier last month (cool party, I know) reminding me of how awesome this is. Franz Ferdinand was one of the many bands my parents would play in car journeys, so I kind of refer to them as car bands (there's a long list of car bands, mainly consisting of 80's rock bands but I'm sure there are a few more I may share with you in the future). It was just an unexpected moment of nostalgia which was greatly appreciated.

As always, I will have this collection available on YouTube for you to have a listen to here. Which songs are you obsessed with at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

Tasmin x

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