Sunday, 11 January 2015

Broken Sunrise

Reflections was my Unit Two Photography topic last year. After deciding to work around mirror reflections, I found an image of a broken mirror reflecting a sunset and instantly wanted to create something similar. So, I got a hammer and broke a mirror my teacher gave me (I was allowed to), then headed out the following morning to the St Peter Port seafront at dawn to get my photo. It was extremely early and very cold. I dragged my Mum to be my assistant to make sure the mirror was steady and didn't fall over as well as keep me company on what was a very quiet Sunday morning. It was all worth it though as I am really pleased with the results.

And if you are thinking breaking mirror's is unlucky, it can't be too bad since I got an A for this project!

Tasmin x


  1. This is incredible!!! I am in love with these photos. They are so beautiful and colorful and unique :) Congrats on the A - well deserved!
    xx Grace

    1. Thank you, I worked really hard on them! Xx