Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Vase Full of Joy

I've had a super jam packed few weeks recently. The pressure of A-Levels is starting to kick in and dance rehearsals are starting to heat up due to Eisteddfod coming up (finished the ballet dance this week though, woo!). Plus the past couple of days I've been with school on a photography workshop with the Guernsey Photography Festival and tonight all Guernsey and Jersey student work is being displayed in an Exhibit which is very exciting. I'm still not sure if I can share it on here quite yet but as soon as I can I assure you it will be up. 

It's all been a bit stressful so today I'm taking it easy and having a sort of do-nothing-day. My Mum was given this bouquet from her work for being such a good employee (aww!) and they look and smell beautiful. So I just couldn't resist getting my camera out and capture a few snaps.

Tasmin x

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