Sunday, 28 April 2013

Trends: Monochrome

My favourite trend for this summer is monochrome. It is so easy to wear and very versatile. You can really wear it at any occasion which I think gives it that edge. Anyone can wear it and, even when it's not in mainstream trends, it will forever be in fashion. It's a classic that can be incorporated into a persons unique style and personality.

Although its focus is on two main colours, black and white, there is this sense of freedom with monochrome that you can do whatever you want with it. You can be extremely casual and current with humbug stripe shorts and a baggy t-shirt with a pair of converses. Or, be retro and feminine in a patterned play-suit or dress partnered with a pair brogues. From weddings to picnics to the work place, I don't know where monochrome looks wildly out of place.

There's no boundaries with make-up either. You can go with a natural look or go all out crazy with colour. It's the same with accessories, you can stick with the monochrome theme or pick eye-popping colours. I think monochrome is great if you really want to focus on accessories as it really highlights them, especially if they are brightly coloured.

However, in the summer do you really want to wear any black? Well, yes, I do! Being in Britain, our spring hasn't got off to a great start (snow, lots of snow) so summer isn't looking great and there usually is cool breeze. But if you live somewhere a bit warmer, this could be a problem for you. Saying that, it's not like you're head to toe in black and this trend still looks super cool in extreme heat.

Tell me what you think in the comments. Do you like monochrome or do you prefer being colourful?

Tasmin x


  1. I share your love for it and I love the way you have styled it! x

  2. I love the monochrome trend too, lovely outfits and nice blog :)


  3. I like monochrome because you can still be 'loud' just like when you wear colour.
    Visit my blog if you can! I follow back on GFC :)

    Simone, XO

    1. Yes, it can really be as bold as colour! Thank you, and I will be visiting your blog right away! XO