Saturday, 13 April 2013

How To: Ombré Nails

A major trend this summer is ombré: it's bright, colourful and fun! But, spending money on expensive clothes sometimes seems a bit much just to be on trend. So, I thought I would teach you my favourite way to wear ombré- nails! 

All you need is:
A nail file
2 different nail varnishes (any colour or brand works)
A sponge (I use make-up blenders but a normal sponge works just as well)
Optional, top and base coat

Step one.

File those nails. You want to give them shape and curve the edges so they aren't sharp. I find painted nails have that little bit of edge if they have been filed and shaped.

Step two.

Choosing your colours. You can use any colour you want. I find that a nude colour is fantastic for the base as it goes with any colour you like. Light to dark pink is also a great combo. (My two colours are nude and raspberry.)

Step three.

Painting the base. If you want, paint a layer of base coat on your nails and wait until dried. This protects your nails from being stained as well as helping the polish to glide on smoothly and stick. However, I'm terribly impatient and never put it on. So, paint on your base colour to your nails and allow to dry. For more intense colour, paint on another coat.

Step four.

Ombré it. Get your sponge and paint a line of your base colour onto the edge of it. Then, paint a line of your second colour directly above the base colour line like in the picture below. Now, dab the sponge onto your nails so that the tip on your nails are covered by your second colour. You may have to reapply paint to your sponge.

Step five.

To finish. If needed, use nail varnish remover to remove any nail varnish that got onto your fingers. You can also paint top coat onto your nails to protect their colour and stop them from chipping.

And now you have the trendiest nails on the street!

I'm a complete novice when it comes to make-up but I am trying to learn. I thought a good idea would be to do 'How To' posts on make-up so I can help those like me who really want to get into wearing make-up but don't know where to begin. So hopefully in the near future I will have some of them for you.

Tasmin x

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