Saturday, 23 February 2013

Disco Pants

The latest fashion obsession I have found are disco pants. Put basically, disco pants are shiny leggings. These beauties are super shiny, super versatile and super cool! Whether it's a shopping trip or a party, they never seem out of place. Matched with a shirt, crop top or a tucked in baggy t-shirt and a pair of boots, you're good to go.

I brought mine from Missguided, an online shop which I am obsessed with. Missguided have a wide range of disco pants ranging in colour and shininess. I have the Eugenie disco pants in black as they aren't too shiny and I feel I can wear them more often then a shinier pair. Also, I feel that black goes with most tops I already own. I find then really comfy and the material is really smooth and silky. I am really impressed with them and recommend anyone to try them.

Tasmin x

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