Friday, 27 February 2015

#OOTDFridays Number 27

Well, odds are you have either been re-watching some of the amazing performances from the Brits last Wednesday, constantly hitting the replay button on THAT fall (sorry Madonna) or have had your brain completely frazzled over the most pressing question of the decade; is the dress blue or white? I wanted to take a break from all of that and have a go at keeping up with #OOTDFridays. I mean, two weeks in a row has got to be some sort of record!

It's another monochrome look to add to my collection (I promise I do own some colourful clothing). I brought this skirt on the weekend and have been desperate to wear it ever since. This vertical striped beauty has such a flattering fit and is so comfortable to wear because of the elasticated waist on the back. It's also a good length. As I am rather short, skirts can sometimes be a tad long on me and not look too flattering. On the over end of the scale, I'm not a huge fan of micro-mini skirts; there is a point where a mini skirt becomes just a big belt and I don't think that is flattering look either. However, this one is perfect. I'm also wearing my waitress shirt. I think it might just be the way I wear it but, to me, it looks like something a waitress would wear. Add a gold necklace, plum lipstick and ankle boots to jazz it up after a whole day of wear at sixth form and we have our smart monochrome look.

Shirt: Miss Guided | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Boots & Necklace: New Look
Time to place you bets on how long I can keep up this blogging streak. Honestly, I'm feeling good about this. I finally feel on top of everything and I'm in the zone. 

Silly pose of the week: I call this the 'imaginary cup'.
I'd love to know your opinions on the look so please do leave a comment below. 

Tasmin x

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