Tuesday, 29 July 2014

#20: Watch the Final Harry Potter

Confused as to what 25 Things to do This Summer is all about? Check out this post from earlier this month to get up to speed.

The other night the skies started to cloud over and it began to feel like summer was already ending despite it only being July. So I made the most of this lack of sunshine by sticking on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final film in the Harry Potter series and the only one I hadn't seen yet. I think I was seven or eight when I watched the first film so it has been about 10 years and a long time coming. I know, I know, it has been out for years and I am massively behind but I have finally caught up and now it's time for me to share my verdict.

WARNING: If you haven't seen the final Harry Potter yet then I recommend you stop reading right about now. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Spoilers really are the worst.

First things first, whenever I mentioned the fact that I hadn't seen the final Harry Potter the first thing everyone said is 'Harry dies'. Cheers for the spoiler everyone but you had left out one crucial detail, the fact that he doesn't stay dead. Oh no, Harry Potter actually resurrects himself to help the rest of the wizarding world defeat Voldemort. He is actually Jesus. JESUS! My mind is blown. Thanks for the non-spoiler-spoiler friends (you know who you are!)

I know I probably don't need to explain the story as my sister an I are the last people in existence to watch this film for the first time but here it is in short anyway. Harry and co go in search of a few more horcruxs in order to take away all of Lord Voldemort's powers and defeat him once and for all. However he is still very powerful and sets his army to attack Hogwarts. Put as simply as possible; they find the final hidden Horcrux; we find out Dumbledore has a brother (crazy times!); Voldemort kills Snape; then he kills Harry; Voldemorts army pretty much destroys Hogwarts; Harry comes back to life (I'm still bewildered by this); Neville kills Voldemort's snake (the final Horcrux, go Neville!) and the Dark Lord is killed and peace is restored.

Wow, actually a lot happens. Complete with magical wars, dragons, deception and heart melting stories and yes I am talking about Snape, what's not to love about this movie. It finishes the series perfectly and kind of makes me want to watch them all again. It's all a bit addicting really.

What I thought was really cute was the ending when they jumped 19 years ahead and they are all taking their children to the train station to go to Hogwarts. They are all saying good-bye and then Harry's son, who he named after Dumbledore and Snape, gets worried that he'll be put in Slyverine. But Harry defends the house because of Snape and I like how he still remembers that Snape looked out for him through-out his time at Hogwarts. I just found it really sweet that he keeps Snapes memory alive even 19 years after his death.

In conclusion, the final Harry Potter was most definitely not a disappointment and even though it was lengthy (2 hour films and a short concentration span don't mix all that well), I was hooked. I could not of wished more from this movie, it was everything I wanted from the final film. Perfect way to end the series and I'm sorry that this review does not do it justice. 

Tasmin x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sketchy Sundays: The Official Beginning

Yaya! Another new blog series. Woo! I'm an art student and pretty much spend most of my time drawing. But I recently realised that I don't really share that side of me that much here on the blog and thought that this should change. Okay, so I'm no Picasso but it's what I love to do and over time I'm sure I'll improve.

A not-all-that-interesting fact for you here, I wrote this post last Sunday and absolutely hated it so decided not to post it. I realised I had rambled far too much and a lot of what I wrote didn't make any sense. Even the painting I did of Jameela Jamil wasn't work I was proud of (although I have warmed to it since). So I have ditched the paints and mass writing and I'm keeping it simple.

This week I've done a pencil drawing of Ashton Irwin. If you don't know who he is, have you been living under a rock this year? Ashton is the drummer of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. I love his crazy curly hair (it's far better than mine!) but it's what caused me most frustration with this drawing. The photo that this image is based upon was taken in quite dark lighting and it was hard to distinguish the hair from the hat (obsessed with the hat by the way) so I've had to get a little creative hair wise. Other than that I hope he's recognisable. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. Any suggestions for next week are welcome.

Tasmin x

Friday, 25 July 2014

#13: Have a Picnic

13 may be unlucky for some, but with lovely weather and great friends, item 13 on my list was a fun one to complete. Lets be honest, picnic's are always a winner.

My friend Rosie and I hit Waitrose first to gather all the food before getting a cheeky lift up to the park with our friend Chloe (we spent a lot more time in Waitrose than anticipated and were running rather late. Oops. Oh well, food is pretty important!).

The gang on our second picnic bench. Rosie spilt Coke on the first one. Typical!

It was around quarter to three when we eventually arrived at the park, so it was a fairly late lunch and we were rather hungry. So hungry that we didn't quite wait for our other friend Charlotte to arrive before munching away (sorry Charlotte). As I couldn't find any sandwiches or wraps in the supermarket, I opted for one of my favourite alternatives- scotch pancakes. *Boring story alert*  I go through phases of of liking and then absolutely hate bread so I like to have a few different options from sandwiches at lunch. Usually it's some sort of salad but occasionally I treat myself to pancakes.  We also stuffed our faces with Doritos and Haribo as well as our healthy option for the day grapes (they'd run out of strawberries at the shop. Sad face.) 

Pretending we're all fancy staring into the horizon.

However, the best food by far was these gorgeous chocolate and toffee cupcakes Rosie and I picked up at Waitrose. Equip with their own little spade to eat with, they were the cutest cakes in the store. Delicious too. Gone within minutes.

I had a good catch up with my friends and made the most of the sun with a little photo shoot. Rosie set the timer to take ten photos on every click so I have so many of the exact same picture (cheers!) but there are some really cute ones that I just had to share on here. I hope they don't mind too much...

We didn't quite scoff all the food but we had a laugh and enjoyed some of this beautiful weather. I hope the sun lasts. Come on Britain!

Tasmin x

P.s I've now set up a Facebook page for this blog (I know so old-school) so if you don't mind popping over and giving it a little like that would be very much appreciated. :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

#5: Part 2

If you haven't read part 1 yet, you probably have no idea what's going on. Read it first then pop back to read some more.

This is where the trip started to go a little down hill for me here. I woke in the middle of the night to discover my lip had swelled to about twice the size. I began freaking out a little at this point as I had no idea why this happened. I still don't. I thought that getting some sleep may help but I woke up with the same issue and realised I would have to face everyone with my fat lip. I was in complete panic, especially since there was nothing I could do to reduce the swelling, but the teachers promised that it wasn't that noticeable. One even said that people would pay for lips like that, although to me it looked more like a dodgy lip filler. It was all very sweet of them and no-one else seemed to notice.

My friend stealing my mirror and being caught red-handed!
On day 3, one of my fellow sixth formers fell ill so we swapped groups as my group were having a less active day compared to their group. I'm going to be honest here, I felt like such a traitor leaving my group like that without any warning (one of the year 7's told me, "Yeah, you should!") but the other group was very nice too. We headed to Shell Beach for the morning and then my friend and I were put in charge to walk to Belvoir Bay for lunch. We all had ice-creams too, I had a vanilla Guernsey ice-cream cone which was delicious. Then we headed back, to the campsite for a blind-folded trail set up by the sixth form boys. There was an odd number in our group so I volunteered to direct one of the year 7's around the course. I am terrible with directions and the course was very long and difficult, but she did really well and we achieved a time of around 8 minutes which is really good. So proud of us.

Looking at Guernsey from Herm. Being able to see home and yet still be so far away from it was just cruel.

Evening rolled on very quickly and it was the annual talent show. All the groups entered as well as some individual acts and the teachers did the YMCA. I helped out with the two groups I was with that week and everyone did really well. I wouldn't of been able to stand in front of my whole year like that and sing or dance, they are all far braver than me. They are all so talented too and I for one am very jealous. I laughed so much too, a great way to end the trip.

As with the previous post, all photos were taken on day 1 as I forgot to bring my camera out for the
 rest of the trip. Bad blogger.
The next day was leaving day. It was also day two of the fat lip situation. It had reduced in size during the day before so was rather confused as to why it swelled yet again. However, it did settle down again throughout the morning. A far less active day, we packed away all the tents, helping out on the girls side of the field making sure everything was packed away properly and no litter was left behind, and then we headed down for our 12:30 boat. We sat on the roof of the boat on the way back, admiring the view of Guernsey and daydreaming of home whilst soaking up the last of the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with for most of the trip.

The islands goats. Obsessed.
Friday was the last day of school and my final day helping out with the year 7's (I'm aware that this is no longer anything to do with camp but I feel I need to finish off the trip). But, being typical me, I over slept and ended up being 15 minutes late. When I arrived, they were no longer in our meeting place so I spent a further 15 minutes trying to find everyone. Who knew that finding a year group of around 90 in school was an extremely difficult task? In the end, a teacher found me and sent me down to the field to help out with the rounders match. This time I didn't have to take part and instead had a chat with with all the students who were 'batted out'. Still not used to the sporting lingo. We then headed inside for awards i.e best dressed, happiest camper, etc voted by the staff and us sixth formers and then watched a slide show of all the pictures from our trip. Most of the ones I'm in are pretty embarrassing. You know the usual sun-in-eyes squint and the caught-of-guard weird face but there were a lot of nice and very funny ones of everyone and it reminded me of our great trip. The whole presentation ended with the teachers receiving gift (wine!) and then the staff giving us sixth formers gifts too. The boys were given toy guns (as, and I quote, they are 'all big kids at heart') and my friend and I were given bubble bath. It smells amazing and I can't wait to use it. I really didn't expect it and I am very thankful for them letting me go. 

Coconut Macaroon bubble bath smells absolutely delicious.
I had an amazing time. My doubts and worries I had on the first day were pointless and I really enjoyed myself and hope that everyone else did too. I realised I have more confidence than I originally thought and that talking to strangers isn't always the most terrifying thing in the world. I can lead a team and not everyone hates me, in fact I think my group actually liked me. It was a great trip and I am really thankful to everyone that made it happen and let me tag along with them.

My Converses at Shell Beach.
I think I may be going slightly cheesy again. Quit while you're ahead Tas!

Tasmin x

P.s I also learned that burning your scalp is very painful, always wear a sun hat.

Friday, 18 July 2014

#5: Go Camping

I'm not going to lie, I was really dreading this one. I volunteered to help out with my school's year 7 camping trip in Herm as my project week activity instead of taking up work experience like most of my year group. I was far too scared to contact a company asking for a weeks worth of non-paid work so doing a project with the school appealed to me far more. However, I never like to take the easy route so knew that I had to choose a project that I would find challenging. The last time I went camping was when I was in year 7 myself and I knew  being off island would be tough for me as I never sleep well when I'm away from home. Added to this, I'm a very shy person. Looking after a large group of hyperactive year 7's, most of which were complete strangers, and keeping them entertained for a week was a very daunting thought. Nevertheless, I knew that I wanted to do it. It was out of my comfort zone but also on my summer bucket list. I had to go.

Beautiful view of Guernsey from the boat.

It was an early start on Monday morning at the harbour. I got a lift down there from my friend who was also helping out (there were eight of us sixth formers helping out) and she pretty much stayed by my side the whole trip. We were waiting awhile for the boat to board all our camping gear which only made me more nervous. Our boat parked up really awkwardly in front of a railing, meaning we all had to climb over it to make it on board without falling in. On top of that, I was the very last one on and I really didn't want to be the one that fell in. Needless to say my balance was not on point and the Travel Trident staff (name of the boat to Herm) pretty much grabbed and dragged me on. We stood at the back of the boat watching our home island as it descended further into the distance, never disappearing but far enough to still miss home.

I'm not aware of how much or how well you guys know the Channel Islands but basically, Herm is a very small island off the east coast of Guernsey. In fact, you can see it very clearly from the St. Peter Port sea front even in poor weather. The only way to travel to Herm is through Guernsey and is fairly cheap to get there, making a popular destination amongst islanders as well as for school trips. It's a very peaceful island, fairly cut off from the world. There are no cars, only the odd tractor and quad-bike for heavy equipment, and it literally takes half an hour to walk from one end of the island to the other.

Herm is the island peeping out from behind the boat. The smaller island next door is Jethou,
 which is privately owned, Then we have Sark in the faint background to the right.

The boat journey was very short (it's just over 6 miles away, I told you Herm was close) and we were in Herm in no time at all. We all grouped up (I was group 3 and, I know I'm biased but it was the best group) and made our way up to the camp site. All our belongings shortly followed us on a tractor which was a relief as I didn't know if I could carry all my junk up the hill to Moss Field, the site we were camping in. My friend and I flicked through a magazine before discovering we had to put up our own tent (the year 7's had their tents put up for them, so lucky). I had never put up a tent before but it looked like one of the most complicated puzzles ever. However, my friend goes camping quiet a lot so acted like she knew everything about tents and took charge. I read through the instructions and quickly realised that she was doing it completely wrong and in the end we had a lot of help from one of the teachers. I stood and watched for most of it. I'm not really the best of campers.

The rest of day one mainly consisted of relaxing on Shell Beach and a lot of sports activities in the evening. I was exhausted and had a massive headache, but it was insisted I took part in the spontaneous rounders match. Each team had a sixth former, of which I was picked first. It sounds lame but that is an achievement for me; I never get picked first for any type of sport. The boys of the team said they picked me because of my geek t-shirt. They picked me for my sense of fashion, how could I not feel honoured?

My hair is looking ridiculously long here.

The day finished with a night walk around the island. It was very long and tiring but the island did look beautiful. We got back to camp rather late and we all went straight to bed. Despite that, I just couldn't get to sleep. Sleeping mats are one of the most uncomfortable things to sleep on and I was so hot in my sleeping bag. Not long after I finally fell asleep, it began to rain and I was woken up by the sound of a fog horn very early in the morning. I predicted that day two was going to be a struggle.

Our home for the week. Definitely prefer my own bed.

However, I was wrong. We spent the day within our smaller groups and my friend and I were put in charge. The morning involved team building which turned more into a football match, much to my disappointment. I'm still not really sure how to play, which surprised a few of the year 7's, so I stayed near the goal with the people who also weren't too keen and had a little chat with everyone. Don't worry, I got a little crew together and kicked around a ball away from the main and more sporty group and took some penalties. As I'm horrendous at sports, they all scored at least one goal when I was the goalie which I think they were all happy about. 

Both the teachers in our group brought guitars with them and were really good singers so after lunch we all had a little sing-a-long. This was definitely more my cup of tea but I hope I didn't deafen anyone with my terrible singing voice. We then headed to town for a spot of shopping and then the year 7's went on a rib voyage. This involved being taken around the island on a type of speed boat and then they had to jump out, carrying all their belongings in a bin bag to keep them dry, and swim to shore. However, I opted out of this. I haven't properly swam since I was in year 9 and even then I was pretty bad. Also possessing a mild fear of the ocean, the whole idea of jumping out of a boat and swimming to shore terrified me. My teacher was lovely and completely understood and allowed my friend and I to walk to the beach and have a hot chocolate instead. I felt really guilty for leaving my group, especially since one confided in me saying that he really wasn't keen on the idea of swimming either, but they all had a wonderful time. I know swimming in the sea is another item on my list to do this summer, but this time I just didn't have to confidence to do it. I think when I can chose the depth of which I swim I will feel a little more comfortable with the whole situation.

The man on the boat waved at us as we sailed by but it isn't very clear here. By the way, all the
images in this post are from day one as I forgot to bring my camera out on the rest of the images.

Day 2 was barbecue night, the first barbecue I had been to in years. The burger I had was amazing. Actually, all of the food was really good. On school trips I find that the food tends to lack any form of quality but this was not the case at all for this trip. Whilst the year 7's went on their evening walk (I was told this wasn't happening so told a year 7 who asked me about it that it was off. When the teacher announced they were off in 10 minutes, his mouth dropped to the floor. I felt so bad but he forgave me. So sweet.), us sixth formers stayed behind with a few of the teachers for another sing-a-long (recurring theme with this trip) which I really enjoyed. I then sat in the warm teachers tent with a cup of tea, having a chat with my friend and one of the year 7's who was feeling poorly before heading to bed.

Confession time! This post turned into a monster sized post so it is being split into two. I hope you don't mind as I had such a wonderful time that I want to share the whole trip with you. The whole point of this series is to document all the new and exciting activities I want to do so I can look back at it in the future and be able to remember all the fun I had. This means I want to cover absolutely everything and for this particular one, I have an lot to document.

Part 2 will be out soon.

Tasmin x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

#21: Have a Pamper Evening

I'm kicking off my 25 Things to do This Summer with a little pamper party. It was actually my friend who suggested it after reading my last post. I had no idea my friends actually read my blog and all week I was still surprised every time they mention it. But they are all excited and keen to help me finish this list which is brilliant and so sweet! However, knowing they're reading adds even more pressure to complete this challenge. We're all in it together, right guys?

I feel I might of slightly over-packed...

My friend Charlotte and I started off our day with a tasty milkshake and a quick catch up in town. Seriously, these milkshakes were the cutest! We brought a few necessities before we made our separate ways as she had to go to work.

After work, she picked me up and we went to hers for our pamper evening. The first thing on our minds was food as neither of us had eaten yet. We opted for a yummy tomato and chicken pasta which was followed by a very chocolaty and delicious pudding.

Now, this pamper evening wasn't your standard 'kick back and relax' pamper session. That's just not how we role. Instead, ours was dancing around like maniacs whilst wearing face-masks; singing horrendously (well I was singing terribly) whilst having a foot-spa; creating a whole new language and learning the final dance in High School Musical. As well as planning to open a club where we play only the best tracks (including DJ Otis 'Hey Baby' and One Direction 'Midnight Memories'.. what a mix!). I mean, just your average night with us to be honest!

The foot-spa may have overflowed slightly with bubbles...
We were dancing around so much we ran out of time to do our nails so Charlotte, if you're reading, we need to do this again some time soon! And yes, I did massively over-pack and we barely started any of the chocolate, let alone watch a film. But that doesn't matter as we had so much fun. If you have never had a pamper evening with friends before, what are you waiting for? It's such a fun thing to do with friends.

Well, that's one down now. Another 24 to go. 

Tasmin x

P.s. I hope you don't mind that I'm not doing this in order as that would be an absolute nightmare to organise exactly. It's like 'My Name is Earl' minus the criminality, karma and American Accents; I read my list and then pick which ever one I want to do next.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

25 Things to do This Summer

It feels very strange not blogging daily at the moment. I enjoyed the 30 Day Snap Challenge far more than I expected and sharing so much of my day to day life wasn't as scary as I originally thought. It actually helped clear my mind and documenting a whole month that I can look back to is something I know I will treasure in the future. This style of blogging was not an idea I loved when I first created this blog but now I really want to continue creating these types of posts. With the summer holidays on the way, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to develop on the lifestyle posts (I guess that's what the style is called) and try out some new things.

My original idea was to create a list of 100 things that I wanted to do this summer. I got up to about 17 and ran out of ideas so took a break to come up with some more. About two weeks later, I still had no new ideas and pretty much gave up on the idea until I came across a video by Mr Alfie Deyes. He pretty much stole my idea but condensed the list to 25. He had my idea but better. And released it earlier. Gutted. However good ideas should be shared so I started rewriting my list. I've also seen a few blog posts following the same idea so I'm sorry to jump on the bandwagon but I did have the idea first. Look, I even have the tweet to prove it. I really need to get a life! :')

Do feel free to follow me on twitter by the way.

The idea is to, starting from now, complete all the activities on the list by the end of summer (3rd September) and blog the results. Some will be far more interesting than others but I'm hoping this will encourage me to do things and not be lazy which we all know is far too tempting to do over the summer. So, here's my list:

1. Go on a beach crawl: It's a bit like a pub crawl, but with beaches. Guernsey is full of stunning beaches but everyone has their favourites and I tend to end up continually going to the same ones over and over again. I think running around the coast with a group of friends will be a lot of fun and we'll get a lot of beautiful photos to share on here with you.
2. Bake with friends: I can't cook, nor can most of my friends. This ought to be interesting.
3. Have a Disney movie marathon: Not everyday in summer is hot in Britain (as evident today) and Guernsey is no exception. You always need a back up plan when the weather isn't fab and who doesn't love a good Disney film?
4. Play crazy golf: I haven't played crazy golf in years so this should be another fun one.
5. Go camping: This one is already organised. I also haven't been camping for years so when I got the opportunity to help out with our schools camping trip, I knew what I had to do. I'm so scared.
6. Go star gazing: Living on an island with such beautifully clear night skies, I really should do this more often.
7. Day trip to Herm or Sark: Herm and Sark are tiny islands that you can only get to through Guernsey so I really should make the effort to visit these island while I still have relatively easy access to them. I've only ever been to Herm on school trips so to go without being under the watchful eyes of teachers would be a freeing experience.
8. Visit Sausmarez Manor: I haven't been there since I was really little and don't really remember it all that well. I know you can feed the ducks there and they have the most amazing chocolate cake. Other than that it will be an adventure.
9. Photo shoot on the cliff paths: I was discussing this with a friend the other day. My island has many cliff paths with the most amazing views and I really should be making the most of this. I also could do with the exercise so...
10. Swim in the sea: I managed to concur this fear last year but now I have reverted back to my scaredy cat ways. I'm very angry at myself but I will swim in the ocean again. I will not let fear control me. Preach it! (Oh my, what have I come to.)
11. Go for a jog: As I mentioned before, I could really do with the exercise. I've never gone out for a jog before but I'm not all that good at running. Low expectations on this one but I want to try something new.
12. Design a blog header: Well, just redesign my blog in general. It's so unpersonalised and doesn't really reflect me and this needs to change. I want my blog to be unique and true to me, which can only be achieved if it comes completely from me. Any tips for blog design would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
13. Have a picnic: I do love a good picnic but my friends aren't always so keen. I will have to be persuasive on this one I think because a picnic of one will be very sad and lonely.
14. Decorate my bedroom: I mentioned this in a post not too long ago but basically my room is boring and not me and I just what it to look pretty.
15. Learn to play a song on the keyboard: Despite being cursed with tiny hands, I used to be able to play a little bit of keyboard when I was younger. Okay, so it's not the coolest of instruments but it worked out well for Coldplay. In fact, I used to be able to play a little Coldplay on the keyboard. If I could re-learn that then I would be happy.
16. Eat a Mr Whippy ice-cream: I haven't had one yet this year and I am not happy. Best. Ice-creams. Ever.
17. Visit a playground first thing in the morning: This is to avoid all the annoying children so I can play on everything without being judged by concerned parents. Why do they only make playgrounds for children? I don't think that is quite fair.
18. Tour the Victor Hugo house: Victor Hugo, the writer of the novel version of Les Mis, was exiled from France and lived in Guernsey for many years where he wrote many of his classics, including some of Les Mis. Although his house is property of Paris now, it is open to the public and is absolutely stunning. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else; it really is a work of art. If you are ever in Guernsey, you must go see it.
19. Go on a midnight walk: Have you ever wondered what the world looks like in the dark when everyone else is sleeping? Well, I have and I don't want it to be a mystery anymore.
20. Watch the final Harry Potter: I know it's been years since it was released, but I still haven't seen The Deathly Hallows Part 2 yet. I already knows what happens too which is a little annoying. When I was younger, my sister was terrified of Harry Potter but I loved it so I'd watch it when she was out. However, she loves it too now so I've been catching up with her and we are finally on the final film. Well, we've been on the final film for a year but just haven't had the time to watch yet. That is, until now. It's been so long so I hope it is worth the wait. I'm sure it will be.
21. Have a pamper evening: Just because it's summer, doesn't mean we can forget about looking after ourselves. A relaxing evening with friends is just what you need after a long day in the sun.
22. Read a book: My sister keeps telling me read this and that but I really don't have the time for books. My reading ability is shockingly bad but there's plenty of time in the summer to slowly make my way through a book and that is exactly what I plan to do.
23. Learn to skateboard: Being the uber cool kid I was, I actually could skateboard a little. Obviously not very well but I remember going to a friends house and playing with her brothers boards on her driveway and having lots of fun. Since the new skate park is now open, I think it's the perfect time to reintroduce myself to the skateboard. If I break an arm you'll know why!
24. Dye my hair: I have been chickening out of this one for two or three years now. When it gets down to it, I'm too scared I won't like it. I don't know why I worry because I'm not my hairs number one fan as it is but I don't want to be stuck with damaged hair that I really hate. I'm thinking if I ombre it, it might be less scary then going all out and if I really hate it then I can cut it off (though I really don't want to do that either!). 
25. Make a YouTube video: This ones going to take a lot of guts and is another thing I've been wanting to do for years. And when I say years, I really do mean years. I can remember watching TV shows like iCarly when I was younger and thinking 'I want to do that. I want my own web show'. And my feelings towards internet video content really hasn't changed. You can do whatever you want and be utterly crazy but no-one questions it because it's the internet. I'm rather shy and definitely not hilarious like the YouTubers we all love and watch, but it's something I've always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do so. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone more and this is less scarier than giving a speech to a hundred people. It's just camera, it's not going to hurt.

This might be the last summer I spend on the island. With the possibility of going to university next year (if I choose to go, I still indecisive about the whole thing) I could be waving goodbye to my island in the scarily near future. So I want to make sure this is a summer to remember and to document all the good times I spend here. I never want to forget.

Tasmin x